Diane Hochman Is A BAD GIRL  

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Ok..so I admit it...

I am a lovely lady..

Well mannered and all...

But once in a while the NEW YORK CITY TOUGHNESS comes out of me
and I use a few CHOICE WORDS.

This was one of those calls when I went into an alter ego and BOOM

Some "special" words came out.


The topic of the call was

To The Extend That You RESIST Your Own Greatness Is
To The Extent That You Will Be RULED By Other People

But in the end what really came out was a CHALLENGE

A call to arms for ALL that know that inside they are something


So in the call I ask...

Do you have the ________???

Listen in to find out what I said that caused all the stir.

name="quality" value="best"/>

P.S. and BTW...It was KNOCK KNOCK joke night!! You'll get it when you listen.

To The Extent That You Resist Your Own Greatness  

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To the extent that you resist your own greatness is to the extent that you are ruled by other people.

Come explore this statement tonight at 9:27 pm est

641 594-7000

Pass code 600088#

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Make Revolving Door Money  

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This was such a cool call.

Around 5 pm the afternoon of the call I got a call that gave me a revelation.

It made me look back through all my files to get to my 2006 records.

Listen to hear what I discovered and to find out how you can make


That means your customers will come back again and again!

Pretty cool :)

Why Most "Attraction Marketers" Can't Attract A Soul...Let Alone A Dime!  

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Here it is...

The controversial call I did last Monday...

Why Most Attraction Marketers Can't Attract A Soul..

Let Alone a Dime

The biggest call I have ever had with the most feedback.

Overwhelming response in fact.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

And always...you can find me every Monday night at 9:27 pm est

641 594-7000
Pass code 600088#

If you were looking for the link to get into classes with me its


Once you take the trial you will hear from me to get into on my
Private classes.

Fast forward about 7 minutes in to get into the ACTION

Money From EVERY Angle  

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Back in January I first did a teleseminar on what I call

The Full Dimensional Plan

Which is a plan on how to create income from all different angles
in your home business

And by popular demand I did a webinar on the topic this week

Fast forward about 15 minutes in to get into the meat of the call.

The first 15 are greetings and testimonials

The online portion was just a few slides...

The audio is perfectly understandable without them.

If you have questions on this or want help with finding revenue streams shoot me an email at Diane@DianeHochman.com

Blondie and The Military Man  

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Last weekend I was at The Million Mind March Live Seminar
Wisdom School and at the end I was blown away by one of the
guys who at the end got up and Let it rip on the crowd...

This guy was RILED UP and I knew I needed to share him with all of you

So I invited Rick Brown...

Who has served our country in the Army for almost TWENTY YEARS to
come by my Monday call and share with all of you.


Which is why we call him RICK ROCK!

Here is the recording

Diane Hochman