The Fat Lady Sings It Tonight--TWICE  

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Well formerly fat anyway

Ever see the pic of me just when I was starting out in MLM?

That's how this whole thing started you know...

Trying to lose weight...

You can read the story on my other blog if you like...

So anyways...

I used the crazy headline

Tonight The Fat Lady Sings Twice

to get you to look...

If you're reading worked! here's the scoop and then I have goodies for you:


As always at 9:27 pm est I am doing The Million Mind March call

Dial in 641 594-7000

Pass code 600088#

I am gonna do some MARKETING TALK tonight.

Some sales psychology that wind you up and make you ready for more.

We'll do a half hour or so.

And then at 10:30 pm est...
A long awaited WEBINAR GONE WILD

If you have never been to one...


It's been a while since I have been in the mood to do one.

Truth is...doing conference calls is easy peasy for me...

You can hear reams of them for f.ree here

But doing webinars are much harder for me...I am such a dork with the computer..

That is why I call them Webinars Gone Wild as I don't follow any of the
so called fancy webinar rules... I just let er rip REAL TIME showing stuff on the net.

Truth is I am a certified Digital Dingbat who can't type..

I screw up all the time...

And I actually dare to let you peek and see just how bad I am ...


I earn a living on the net...

And you can too!

If you learn some simple stuff...

So what I want you to do is go to and take
a look at the invite and decide if this class is for you.

Read carefully as I give a DISCLAIMER.

And then if you want to hang out with me register and show up later on.


I have a call in 7 mins so I gotta rush and get this done...

Stuff for you

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New Videos:

Ten Cent Tool To Make Your Home Business Grow

Learn this and You Will Score Forever in M L M Part 1

Learn This And You Will Score Forever in M L M Part 2

Diane Hochman Mopped Floors To Get Here

Enjoy all that and let me know if you have any questions or
if I can help you at all.

I am TIRED of watching what is going on out there...

Tired of watching ROADKILL.

And I am BENT on bringing up some new leaders this Spring.

Are you one of them?

Let me know.

See you tonight,



Just for fun

MLM Pawns and Home Business Hoodlums  

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In order to celebrate starting up my new site and to vent about some of the stuff I see going on out in the marketplace I did a very special call this past Monday.

If you are in MLM, have been in MLM or want to be in MLM I highly suggest you listen to this one.

The call is recorded in it's entirety from meet and greet to the after call hang out session so if you want to get right to the meat fast forward 14 minutes in.

If you want to grab the 2 cd set I mention you can get it here

Sorry the audio is kinda crummy :) I think having the line so packed impact stuff.

But it is...

When YOU Stop Being The Issue You Will Be On Track To Go Fulltime  

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So you wanna be full time?

That's what they all say!

Listen to this and find out WHEN you will be track to go FULL TIME

The Answer Is NOT Outside of YOU  

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This is the live Million Mind March call from March 2nd

In it a illustrate WHY you already know what to do...

You just don't think you do.

Listen to this and leave me your thoughts.

Diane Hochman