Why Most "Attraction Marketers" Can't Attract A Soul...Let Alone A Dime!  

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Here it is...

The controversial call I did last Monday...

Why Most Attraction Marketers Can't Attract A Soul..

Let Alone a Dime

The biggest call I have ever had with the most feedback.

Overwhelming response in fact.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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Great audio Diane. The 'Code' is an interesting way to look at human interraction in the marketing and sales process for sure. Yep, bought a few information rpoducts in the last two years - some good, some not so..
Have you ever come across a theory called 'The 7 sources of power'? If you haven't look it up - it'll add a little weight to the code.

Neil Ashworth

Anonymous   says 8:14 PM

I did hear the part where you said "Put your credit card away"

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