How I Outsmarted The Industry  

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Check out this audio! A very intimate call where I showed a few people how I outsmarted the industry.

Here's report I mention in the audio:

The Dumb Blonde Report

And here are the two Programs I mention:

Earn 15% and 40%


Leads That Pay 5 Levels Deep

How To Get Your Prosepect To Fall In Love With YOU  

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Here is a really fun audio from Valentine's Day where we discussed how to get your prospect to ABSOLUTELY fall head over heels for you.

This game is all about ROMANCE.

Listen and see why.

Who Is Your Prospect, Where Is He and How Do I Get Him Into My System  

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This is a private call I did for some of my team members
on January 31st.

The topic of the call is Who is your prospect,
Where is he, and how do I get him into my system?

Truth be told...most of the training was done by the gang..
I just PULLED the answers out of them.

Let's face it.

How can you get at the guy you want to sell to if you HAVE NO CLUE
who he is or where to find him???

Check this call out.

It's an hour.


If you prefer an MP3 so you can throw it on your iPod
call me at 860 585-0882.

To become a part of my team and be invited to calls like this in the future
Give me a shout or email me at

The Great Demonstration  

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On this Starlink call from February 6th
I work directly from page 44 of Joe Schroeder's
Warrior's Nest manual.

In this audio I speak of what Joe calls

Listen to find out what the GREAT DEMONSTRATION is...

And how you can use this concept to advance your business.

To get your copy of Warrior's Nest.... click here

Key Concepts You Need To Know  

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Here is the STARLINK CALL from January 31st.

The feed back on this one has been great.

On it I cover some key marketing concepts

And I also cover marketing mistakes you might be making.

Diane Hochman