Crazy Marketing Excuses  

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This was a super fun call from December 20th where we explored all the crazy excuses our prospects give. Watch out might just realize you have been making a few excuses of your own!


2007 Is HERE....NOW  

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A year ago whn I met Joe Schroeder he gave me the most remarkable article he had written called the 2007 Preditiction.

It inspired me as he described a WHOLE NEW Network Marketing Industry...

A new philosophy...

A new wisdom.

Funny thing is...Joe wrote much of the article back in 2002.

Here is a recording that I did on the 27th that is based on the inspiration I got from that article.

That vision that Joe had has come is STAR-LINK.

If haven't spent time in the community...listen and see what we do...

Read the article here"

And join us...Mondays through Thursdays at 9:27 est and Mondays and Fridays at 4:03

641 793-7000
Passcode 600088#

This just might be the place you are looking for.

2007 is just a few days away.

Will this year be different for you?

I always say you only need 2 things...something you are PASSIONATE about
and an environment that will CELEBRATE you.

We have the bring your passion to the table add time and effort
and you can't miss.

See you on the calls!

Private Front Line Training Call
November 5 2006

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This was a casual private call I did for a few of my front line folks in Starlink.
It covers the steps to getting your campaign going including mail order techniques.

Give me a call with any questions.

What's the Lion King Got to Do With Leadership and The Alpha Code  

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Here is a great Starlink Call from August 2006 with Westly Lager.

On it Westly amd I discuss the life and business lessons you can learn from the Disney
Classic The Lion King.

We also discuss Joe Schroeder's book The Alpha Code which is part of the Spellbound Product.

Diane Hochman and Tim Berger Interview  

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Tim and I on the right...He's right behind me.

This is a TERRIFIC recording where Westly Lager and John Kinnison took over
the Starlink Call and interviewed me and my colleague Tim Berger.

Tim comes from an intenet marketing background and I come from an offline guerilla marketing background so it is interesting to see how we answer the same questions.


The Smack Down Call  

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This was a live conference call from August 15, 2006.

In it I compare the Starlink store to your store.

You decide....which one is better?

Pinball Machine Quick Link Training  

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This is a classic training on Quick Link Marketing where by using the analogy of
a pinball machine I explain EXACTLY how Quick Link Marketing works.

Some of the products have changed so disregard the names but the concept is timeless.

Diane Hochman