Are You A Student ?  

Posted by Diane Hochman

This is a call I did on Monday, January 18th that I think really conveys the secret to my success.

I asked the Starlink Community...

Are you a student?

And the conclusions we came to were surprising.

Curl up, grab a nice beverage and listen in as we discuss what being a student means
and we discover why so many people don't make it in the industry.

Call me if I can help you at all after you listen.

860 585-0882

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Three Parts To Success  

Posted by Diane Hochman

What are the THREE parts to your success?

Here in the Starlink call from January 8th

What Kind of Car Are You?  

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This is a super fun training that I did on January 3rd with Hampton McClellan.

Listen and ask your self....what kind of care are you?

Diane Hochman