Network Marketing Training Video-But They Said They'd Help Me  

Posted by Diane Hochman

MLM/Home Business/Network marketing training video.

Join veteran marketer Diane Hochman as she explores what so many people in home businesses say..."But they said they'd help me!"

If you own a home business, are in MLM or network marketing, a 1 up, 2 up or any other internet type marketing program, this video will help you sort through some detrimental thinking that most business newbies have.

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The Fat Lady Sings TWICE Tonight  

Posted by Diane Hochman

This is ME back in 1999 BEFORE I got involved in Network Marketing...Before I reprogrammed my mind and paid off my $40k in credit card debt.

I am the QUEEN of low cost and no cost marketing (had to learn as I had nothing to spend back then)so join me for a double header tonight...

First the Million Mind March Mastermind Call at 9:27 pm est

641 594-7000

Pass code 600088#

and then afterwards at 10:30 est

On a Webinar that will teach you how to meet people and

build relationships on FACEBOOK.

Register at

Check out my main site too:

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Social Media Mania Part 2  

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Here is the audio from my Monday January 14th call.

If you have heard all the buzz on social media...

And you would like FREE training....

Listen to this.

You can get more info at

Social Media Mania  

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I have to tell you...

I am obsessive...


Crazy in fact.

You guys know I am a big web person...

I follow all the big gurus...

Read all their newsletters...

I have for 8 years now.

And the truth is...

I have NEVER seen a ripe environment like this.

I have been talking about web 2.0 for a year now...

And have made THOUSANDS knowing just a smidgeon of how to work it.

But this week something has shifted on the net...

And that is what has me obsessed.

For some time only the "web heads" have known about all this stuff...

The main stream population of network marketers have been oblivious
to all this...

But now...

All of a sudden...

There is an EXPLOSION mainstream talk on web 2.0.

That means it is like back in 98 when everyone was just
discovering email and replicating websites.

Social Media had become the BUZZ WORD...
And that means EVERYONE will be searching for how tos.

And I mean EVERYONE.

For us ...well that means a FORTUNE.

Here's what I know...

And I don't know a lot...

When a wave is coming...


This is how I became wealthy.

Riding waves.

You see,...

Other people (the gurus) have created the momentum.

Now all I have to do is shout...

"Hey...I have a resource so you can learn...PAY ME"

And they will.

Next step is to leverage my knowledge and get other people (YOU)
to shout with me.

It's a win-win as we ALL make $$$.

You leverage expertise and my MOUTH...

I leverage your promotion skills.

GET IT????

You do not need to know it all to make money now.

You just have to understand that there is a hot marketplace and
you have a resource to sell...


The checks start to flow.

So...I am off to go out to dinner with my husband.

I NEED to walk away from this computer for a bit.

I NEED to stop the dancing dollar signs in my head for a while :)

No doubt I'll be back at it late night tonight.

Get ready gang...

Get your surf board and HANG on.

If there was EVER a time for FOCUS...

It is now.

If there was EVER a time for DEDICATION it is now.

Several of us stand to create a KILLING this year.

Will it be YOU.



Replay Of The Disney Call From 1/7/08  

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Here is the replay of the Monday, January 7th call in which I discuss

The Course is available at

The Magic PDF

Minnie, Mickey and Me...Marketing Secrets  

Posted by Diane Hochman

Why does everybody in the WORLD want to go to Disney World and how can you use these ideas to market YOURSELF???

9:27 pm est Monday, Jan 7 641 594-7000 pass code 600088#

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Are You Satisfied With Your 2007???  

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This was my final call for 2007.

If you are not happy with how your year went...

If you did not get the results that you want...

Then take a little time and listen to this audio

It will help you get your head on straight for 2008 and beyond.

Happy New Year!!!

Diane Hochman