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Ok..so I admit it...

I am a lovely lady..

Well mannered and all...

But once in a while the NEW YORK CITY TOUGHNESS comes out of me
and I use a few CHOICE WORDS.

This was one of those calls when I went into an alter ego and BOOM

Some "special" words came out.


The topic of the call was

To The Extend That You RESIST Your Own Greatness Is
To The Extent That You Will Be RULED By Other People

But in the end what really came out was a CHALLENGE

A call to arms for ALL that know that inside they are something


So in the call I ask...

Do you have the ________???

Listen in to find out what I said that caused all the stir.

name="quality" value="best"/>

P.S. and BTW...It was KNOCK KNOCK joke night!! You'll get it when you listen.


Anonymous   says 8:50 PM

Hey Diane,

I'm Pastor Paul, and you wrote me on Twitter. You wanted to know where to get more info on me, so here are two places, and I'm also on facebook.com.

Try me here: www.removethehaze.com OR http://www.authorsden.com/paulgzimmerii

I appreciate your interest, and in turn would like to know more about what you do, as your web site caused me some interest.

shlom in Jesus Name,

Pastor Paul

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