Webinar Promo 12/13/07  

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Listen to this to find out about Law of The Jungle Marketing and the cool webinar we have going on tonight at 9:27 pm est.

Register at http://inspiredcapitalist.com/

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Subliminal Secrets and Marketing Magic  

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In case you ever wondered what we REALLY do at the Million Mind March...

Listen to this:

Do You Take Personal Responsibility  

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Are you taking personal responsibility?

Listen to this and consider:

Diane Hochman Unplugged  

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This is a call I did on November 28th 2007.

I call it Diane Hochman unplugged as I was asked to
do it last minute...

So no prep time.

You can hear in the beginning I was just having a ball
with the Mastermind Group so feel free to fast forward to
get to the meat of the call.

Your Income Is Determined By Your Philosophy  

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Diane Hochman and Jim Rohn

Tell me...

What is your governing life philosophy

Most people have never much thought about it...

But me..

Diane Hochman...

I have spent hours and hours thinking on it.

Ever heard of Jim Rohn??

He is a VERY FAMOUS business philosopher.

Teacher to Tony Robbins...

This is a HEAVY WEIGHT guy.

Wise man.

Teacher to the teachers...

So I went to sit with Jim this last August.

(see pic here above)

And he said...


And I sat and thought...

Hey...my teacher Joe Schroeder says


So tonight...

I want to talk with you about
WHY so many people STRUGGLE to get and keep the money
they want.

For me...

I learned that I needed to work HARDER ON MYSELF

And I needed to have a governing life philosophy.

Come tonight 9:27 est

641 594-7000

Pass code 600088#

And hang out with the members of the MILLION MIND MARCH (M-3)

And let me float some of the philosophies that helped me
lose over 100 pounds and pay off $40k in debt.

Feel free to reject them...

But wouldn't it be foolish not to hear them?

9:27 est...

641 594-7000

Pass code 600088#

Get the 2 cd set


Visit my site to meet me


or get wild and give me a call tomorrow

860 585-0882.

OK...gotta go eat...

Do homework with the kids


So I can deliver to you at 9:27.

The words are not delivered to me until about 8:45 by the way...

So you NEVER KNOW what is gonna fly out of my mouth.

I'm kinda like a train wreck.

Everyone's gotta look...

Don't you?



QUEEN of QUICK LINK (Marketing)

and Goddess of Prosperity

Diane Hochman

Listen to the audio:

The Treasure Map Call  

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Here is the promo video for the Treasure Map Call from October 8th:

And here's the actual call...grab a notepad and ENJOY!

Is Trying To "Build A Business" Preventing You From Earning Money  

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Are you "trying to go FULL TIME"?

Listen to this and really think on it :)

Give me a call if I can help you at all.

Possibly The Most Powerful Call I Have Ever Done  

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Get a note pad...

Make notes.

Then call me and tell me what you learned.

860 585-0882

Who Do You Love?  

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Who Do You Love?

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What You Give Away You Get To Keep  

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The Project BigFish Launch  

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I can't tell you how exciting this night was...

Wednesday, July 11th..

Because this was THE DAWN of a new way of marketing..


And I got to be the one to pop the cork!

Listen to hear how you can make GOBS of cash as a content broker...

And then grab the report:

The Magic PDF

Then give me a call.

You will want to

See ya later!


Divalicious Divas and MLM  

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Isn't It Tine You Grew Up And Became a Business Person?  

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Here is a very powerful call I did a little while ago.

If you need your tushie kicked...

This is the call for you.

Throw it on your iPod and LISTEN.

The Inspiration Economy For Marketers  

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This is my most recent video.

Take a look...

Oh..and by the way...that is me in the pic you see before you start the video...

At a convention speaking in front of 15,000 people


The Diane Hochman Struggle To Victory Tour  

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This is a streaming copy of my newest cd that is included in Joe Schroeder's Spellbound Home Study Course.

It is my story of how I lost 120 pounds, paid off over $40k in debt and went on to build a huge business around my family.

It's also me asking WHY NOT YOU?

I hope it inspires.

You Are Only 90 Days Away  

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90 days of sheer FOCUS...and everything could change.

This is the Warriors Nest Call from May 2nd where I share a plan that
can take you to success.

All you need is FOCUS.

So You Wanna Be A Network Marketing Success Story  

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This is a PRIVATE closed door call I did for paid coaching clients.

On it I discuss the difference between WANTING to be a success story
and doing what it takes to become one.

I am publicly publishing this call because I feel that soooo many people are looking for an answer.

That answer is right in front of them...

But they just can't see it.

Fat Chick Marketing Tricks!!!  

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This is the Starlink Call from March 28th.

I call it my Fat Girl Marketing Tricks call :)

The first minute or 2 got cut off....sorry

But the recording is still good and I know you will
get a lot out of it.


MP3 File

And for the record.....

Formerly fat chicks ROCK!!!!

Be The Candy Man!  

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When I started to work with Joe Schroeder....a lot of things changed in my business.

I shifted from a sales person to a consultant.

I began to see myself in a while different light and I have been able to attract and
work with some very powerful marketers.

I believe a big part of that process was becoming "The Candy Man"

or in my case..The Candy Gal :)

Listen to this short audio anf you will come to understand what I mean.

MP3 File

Here is some of the candy for you...

My favorite piece to give out....

You can pick it up here:

The Joe Schroeder 2007 Prediction


Chances are you will be back for more!

Presentations All Day Long  

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How many presentations can you make in in a day?

In a week?

In a month?

Chances are you don't have enough hours in the day
to make the number of presentations you need to make to
make the kind of money you want.

Join me as I discuss how to make presentations all day with Starlink

MP3 File

Blame and Shame  

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Who are you blaming for your lack of success?

We all blame someone or something.

Human nature.

Join me as I discuss how to step out of blame and into the income you desire.

MP3 File

Fear..Is It Stopping You From Getting What You Want?  

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Here is the Starlink call from March 7th.

My topic was FEAR...Is it stopping you???


Posted by Diane Hochman

On this call I take you through THE PLAN.

How to create crazy cash flow and THREE residuals in one fail swoop.

You will want to listen to this over and over again.

How I Outsmarted The Industry  

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Check out this audio! A very intimate call where I showed a few people how I outsmarted the industry.

Here's report I mention in the audio:

The Dumb Blonde Report

And here are the two Programs I mention:

Earn 15% and 40%


Leads That Pay 5 Levels Deep

How To Get Your Prosepect To Fall In Love With YOU  

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Here is a really fun audio from Valentine's Day where we discussed how to get your prospect to ABSOLUTELY fall head over heels for you.

This game is all about ROMANCE.

Listen and see why.

Who Is Your Prospect, Where Is He and How Do I Get Him Into My System  

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This is a private call I did for some of my team members
on January 31st.

The topic of the call is Who is your prospect,
Where is he, and how do I get him into my system?

Truth be told...most of the training was done by the gang..
I just PULLED the answers out of them.

Let's face it.

How can you get at the guy you want to sell to if you HAVE NO CLUE
who he is or where to find him???

Check this call out.

It's an hour.


If you prefer an MP3 so you can throw it on your iPod
call me at 860 585-0882.

To become a part of my team and be invited to calls like this in the future
Give me a shout or email me at dianehochman@sbcglobal.net

The Great Demonstration  

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On this Starlink call from February 6th
I work directly from page 44 of Joe Schroeder's
Warrior's Nest manual.

In this audio I speak of what Joe calls

Listen to find out what the GREAT DEMONSTRATION is...

And how you can use this concept to advance your business.

To get your copy of Warrior's Nest.... click here

Key Concepts You Need To Know  

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Here is the STARLINK CALL from January 31st.

The feed back on this one has been great.

On it I cover some key marketing concepts

And I also cover marketing mistakes you might be making.

Are You A Student ?  

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This is a call I did on Monday, January 18th that I think really conveys the secret to my success.

I asked the Starlink Community...

Are you a student?

And the conclusions we came to were surprising.

Curl up, grab a nice beverage and listen in as we discuss what being a student means
and we discover why so many people don't make it in the industry.

Call me if I can help you at all after you listen.

860 585-0882

MP3 File

Three Parts To Success  

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What are the THREE parts to your success?

Here in the Starlink call from January 8th

What Kind of Car Are You?  

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This is a super fun training that I did on January 3rd with Hampton McClellan.

Listen and ask your self....what kind of care are you?

Diane Hochman