The Full Dimensional Plan  

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In this call I lay out the plan I have worked in
my business for many years now.

I call it the Full Dimentional Plan because when you work it
you earn money in MANY DIMENTIONS.

Be sure you have a notebook handy when you listen to this.

Picture drawing will be necessary :)

If you have questions or want to explore revenue streams that I
recommend...shoot me an email at

Hot Dates and Girls To Marry  

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In a marketing program are you looking for a HOT DATE...or a the kinda girl you marry?

Diane Hochman asks these questions and more in this short audio.

Be sure to join us for our Million Mind March call tonight at 9:27 pm est

641 594-7000

Pass code 600088#

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Secret Shower Video and Authenticity Academy-PLUS Live Call Tonight  

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Ok..Here we go...

The first Monday of 2009...

Are you prepared?

I have a few things I wanted to share with you today.


I have a live coaching call TONIGHT at 9:27 pm est

Dial in to 641 594-7000

Pass code 600088#

Wish me a happy new year when you come on...

I have a BIG message for you tonight that will set you into
action for the new year

If you missed the last few calls of 2008 and want to get yourself ready

you can find them here:




You know you are DYING to KNOW...

What the heck is the Secret Shower Video????

Go Watch it HERE and find out

This is what goes on in the world of Diane Hochman

And last but not least

I did a special private call last night.

And afterwards I KNEW I needed to do something very special to get 2009

off on the right foot.

Listen to this audio to find out about AUTHENTICITY ACADEMY

Listen Here

And how you can use it to MOVE YOURSELF into a successful year.

Shoot me back an email if this is for you right away.

I am only going to do this with a handful of people.

Doesn't matter if you work with me or not...

Doesn't matter what program you are building


And You'll know if it's for you.

If it is...don't hesitate.

This will go very quickly.

I want you to know how much I appreciate your reading my blog

In this day and age with the internet and all it is hard to meet REAL people.

Everything is prefabricated and premeditated.

I FIGHT every day to NOT become that.

I want you to know I DO want to hear from you...

YES..sometimes I am super busy running a family and a business...

But I WILL get back with you and I do want to hear about all that is

happening with you.

Please come by tonight at 9:27 pm est and hang out at The Million Mind March

641 594-7000

Pass code 60088#

I'd LOVE your feedback on the message.

See you there...


Close The Books and Fight The Vampires  

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Year end call for 2009 but a great call for ANYTIME

CLOSURE...Vampires and Ben Franklin are discussed.

Diane Hochman