Ugly Dead Guy Teaches Blond To Break the Bank  

Posted by Diane Hochman

Hey There...

Did my headline make you giggle???

Well it's TRUE...

All true.

I have learned much that I know about making money

From an ugly dead guy named Wallace Wattles.

Check out the pic...

See what I mean?

This is NOT a good looking guy...

But boy did I learn a lot from him.

There was only ONE PROBLEM...

You try reading The Science of Getting Rich (Yes the one that THE SECRET is based on)

You try reading that puppy alone.

It is like reading Swahilli (sorry if I spelled that wrong!)

So anyways...

Here I am...

I broken down housewife

Trying to crack this code..

Trying to figure out how to NOT BE BROKE anymore.

I was FAT and had $40 K in credit card debt.

And I was DETERMINED to figure this out.

So I did what most everyone in my shoes does...right????

I sat in a corner ALONE and tried to do this...

With no help and no teacher.

You can guess how that worked out.

And then I found a (believe it or not) TRUCK DRIVER

who could explain it all to me.

The rest is history.

100 pounds GONE

Credit card debt GONE


And a life of BLISS and JOY.

So why am I writing to tell you this?

Because tonight at 9:27 pm est my truck driver friend is gonna be teaching.

And it's gonna be GOOD.

641 594-7000

Pass code 600088#

And he is giving out gifts...

Yes..the gift of the UGLY DEAD GUY.

The one he gave me.

Grab the Truck Driver's 2 cd set called Chaos to Cash for $14.95

and he will include for F.REE a copy of the Science of Getting Rich and

a one month f.ree membership to his think tank that I run with him.

Don't try to crack the code ALONE.

Doesn't work.

Trust me...I tried it.

It sucked.


So if you want the deal...

Order here:

You need to order via this link to get the special.

And come see me on the call...I'll be the perky blonde saying hi to the crowd.

9:27 est

641 594-7000

Pass code 600088#

And order your bonus pack here...

I mean think on it...

How can you go wrong...

Booklet...2 cds...The Science of Getting Rich thrown in for F.REE

And a month in the think tank...

Decoding the book.


You can do it all alone...

Your choice.

But with a m.oney back guarantee...

And a helping hand like mine...

Check me out if you do not know me well yet

You can see my videos here

I am the real deal..

You can even call me 860 585-0882

But call me AFTER you order the course for $15.

Show me your intent I will give you my time.

You move...

I move.

I am looking for people who are looking for me....

Are YOU one of them?

You tell me....

If you are....

We will be speaking soon.

See you tonight,


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