I'm Gonna Explain WHY You Failed  

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Tonight (not Monday this week) I am doing the Million Mind March Call at 9:27 pm est

Dial in 641 594-7000

Pass code 600088#

If you have EVER failed at the home business game...

Tonight I am gonna explain WHY...

And then I will show you the path I took to

build my dream life.

Sounds pitchy???


But I am pitching YOU on YOU...

Not a deal.

Not a program.

I am talking about a way of thought

So be there at 9:27 pm est
641 594-7000
Pass code 600088#

Oh...and we are offering GOODIES.

After the call come back here to order the 2 cd set for $14.95 and get the bonus...


You'll hear all about the bonus on the call.

See you there,


860 585-0882

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