Do You Suffer From Negative Self Talk?  

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If you haven't heard already heard..
I started a VLOG which stands for video log.

It's been really fun and if you want to see some of the posts
check them out at

Anyways..the other day I did a vlog post on Negative Self talk and I got such a response to it that I decided to do a whole conference call on it.

So here is the video:

And here is the call:

Let me know your thoughts.


You know I've read a lot of books, sat through endless hours of seminars, and online training with the headphones crushing my skull just to hear the same thing re-worded. That is quite possibly the best Home based business, MLM whatever training I have ever seen. Diane, you have me hooked on your blog from a single video. Powerful stuff. Thanks

you have always been amazing! miss you

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