The Answer Is NOT Outside of YOU  

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This is the live Million Mind March call from March 2nd

In it a illustrate WHY you already know what to do...

You just don't think you do.

Listen to this and leave me your thoughts.


The more I listen to these calls, the more excited I get to actually sit in on one.

I agree, we all have been living in a fear driven economy. The whole "don't miss your opportunity" technique of marketing, has instilled an instant graitifcation attitude in some people. This is what caused me to be a "Junkie" of programs.

That quick fix, something to make it all better. When all the while I was only making it better for someone else.

I am a social butterfly, and I love people. When I go out, I speak to anyone that makes eye contact with me, or presents an opportunity to. Can you remember the last time you went somewhere and a complete stranger was extraordinary? I bet we do, because its rare.

None the less, I will say that your words are powerful, and true. Thats something else in this world. The truth can hurt, but it can also set you free.

Thanks Diane!

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