No One Can Tell Diane What She Can Sell--This is AMERICA  

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Boy did I get all riled up last Monday night :)

I get so nuts when I hear stories about people becoming reps for companies that
tell them what they can and can not do.

Last I checked this is America

And I signed up for a home business...

To be an entrepreneur...

A Capitalist...

So if I see an need in the marketplace

WHO has the right to tell me I can't fill it?

WHO has the right to tell you?

And why is it that in so many cases these restrictions BENEFIT a chosen few.

Listen to my rage as I go in about the topic.

I sell LOTS of stuff.

What chu need????

I got it baby!!!






I am the Marketers Mercantile!

The HOME DEPOT for Home Businesses

You be too!

See anything and EVERYTHING that will help your base.

Simply because it SERVES them.

Listen here:


Kim Shahan   says 6:16 PM

love it D:) glad I got a chance to hear it since I missed it on Monday, being in Canaan and in the hot tub.... poor me!


Sounding more like the 'Master Joe' there. So this is how Ms. D sounds like when she's fired up.

Well, you must admit, there can be some people who could abuse the system. Believe me, I cringe when I look at some of web sites the mlm companies setting up for their reps to use. How can you differentiate when it's all vanilla?

But it's all legal issues. It can be abused, so we just have to be creative on how we sell.

I haven't had the chance to listen to the audio but I will.

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