Stranded at The Airport...Branded a Fool  

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Stranded at The Airport...Branded a Fool...

What Will They Say...

Monday at a School???

Remember the song Sandy from Grease??

John Travolta's love song where everyone got out of their seats and went for popcorn
(Gosh I am showing my age!)

That is the song that kept playing in my mind as I was stranded at the airport Sunday night.

On my way home from the Stompernet seminar...

Left to rot overnight in Philly

Listen to hear the business revelations I had during my extreme frustration...

And how these ideas apply to your business.


And let me know your thoughts.

Do You Bring Value To The Marketplace?  

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A long time ago I heard business philosopher Jim Rohn
say "Your Income Is Determined By The Value You Bring To The Marketplace.

And it made me think...

In this call I help my students identify exactly what is
VALUABLE to the marketplace.

Listen and give me your feedback...

There's Nothing Wrong With Wanting To Be Rich  

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Ever feel funky about taking money from a prospect?

You've shelled out THOUSANDS over the years...

But somehow...when it comes to time to take a few grand
from your prospect it feels weird???

In this audio I take you on my personal development journey

I describe how books and tapes just magically jumped into my life

And how I got past my thoughts of unworthyness.

Special training from the Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles.

If you like the audio and would like to get a free copy of it thrown into
The $14.95 2 cd set called Chaos to Cash that we offer at the Million Mind March
PLUS a free month of classes...

Grab it here:

Chaos To Cash

Let me know your thoughts on the audio.

Diane Hochman