Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine-Call 9:27 pm  

Posted by Diane Hochman

Hey There

Happy Memorial Day...

I am just hanging out with the FAM...

Doing the bar b que thing...

My older daughter was in 2 parades that was fun!

And now we are just relaxing...

But not for long because the Queen Of Quick Link Marketing

(Yeah..that's me...LOL)

Is doing a performance tonight.

9:27 pm est.

641 594-7000

Pass code 600088#

So most of you know I work with Joe Schroeder here at Starlink.

And I gotta tell you...

Sometimes he writes the DARNDEST THINGS!!!!

This totally cracked me up this morning when I got it...

I all is true...

But it is just the way he says it...

Makes me BLUSH!!!

He sent this out to HIS list...

And it made me go WOW!

So I am sending the letter over...

So you can see what my teacher had to say about me today :)

If you are back from the festivities by 9:30 est tonight...

Definitely jump on.

I am gonna be teaching some amazing stuff for those of

die hards that will do a training call on a holiday...

You DESERVE something special.

So here's the letter...

Will probably amuse you too!


Subject Line:

(Google) Coaching 9:27 PM TONIGHT Diane Hochman 1st 45 Min: Free

From Joe Schroeder: Founder NATION of STAR-LINK

PO Box 406

Ledgewood, NJ


Joe Schroeder Attraction Studio /

Dear BBQ Giant...

1: DO NOT eat too many hot dogs today!

2: Save me some RARE Rib-Eye Steaks (prime, of course)

3: TONIGHT @ 9:27 PM *(est) we have an HONORABLE guest coach

MONDAY May 26, 2008 --------1-641-594-7000 PIN 600088#

9:27 PM (est)

TUESDAY = Joe Schroeder

MONDAY = Diane Hochman = TONIGHT

Diane Hochman the "Queen" of Web 2.0 M.L.M Monopolies


Things To Do While In Texas


a: Do a GOOGLE SEARCH for Diane Hochman

b: Then COUNT the pages, which are higher than 100,000

c: Then ask yourself, "How does she do it?"

** #1 affiliate in THREE progeams

** #1 EARNER in an M.L.M (

** Has TWO kids and still knows what $3,000 DAYS look like

TONIGHT Ms. Hochman LIVE @ 9:27 PM (est)

1-641-594-7000 PIN 600088#

Step 1: earn $500 to $3,000 a DAY prospecting

Step 2: Turn those new customers into a downline

Step #3: Become the # 1 EARNER in multiple programs

The secret though, is to get paid to PROSPECT

The secret is to have STRANGERS pay you money to prospect them

The magic is to have 100,000 PAGES making you MONEY



anyone can join stuff

anyone can BUILD a FIRE

FEW remain "lit" and ON-FIRE

even FEWER can become #1 in THREE seperate programs

and raise TWO kids

and beat the crap out of a male dominated industry



and earn $500 to $1000 to $3000 PER DAY PROSPECTING people

TONIGHT will be a rare experience

save the steaks for AFTER the call


You will be stunned


One for the books


Honor and Justice

Joe Schroeder

and her TRAINING site is:


Some letter...right???????

So come on down for dessert tonight...

Strawberry shortcake...


And bring your notebook...

Ogh and BTW...

If you have not seen my two new sites...

Check them out


And here is a new video for you too:

A few internet marketing tips for you Diane

On the house <wink>

I do classes on this stuff all week long...

Ask me about them

860 585-0882

Ok...see you tonight..

Time to cook the chicken!


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