Fat Chick Marketing Tricks!!!  

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This is the Starlink Call from March 28th.

I call it my Fat Girl Marketing Tricks call :)

The first minute or 2 got cut off....sorry

But the recording is still good and I know you will
get a lot out of it.


MP3 File

And for the record.....

Formerly fat chicks ROCK!!!!


I've done a lot of learning and a lot of research on online network marketing but never before have I heard someone talking about really truly how difficult their lives were before they learned all that they have.
Never before have I heard someone talking about being the fat chick, the chick that's too embarrassed to go into a store to get food and chooses the drive-thru instead, who was too embarrassed to show herself out there.

I am a part of one of the best teams out there from what i can tell, they're amazing and most of them are doing outstanding in their business.

But no one understands where I'm coming from, being the fat, ugly, disabled girl who is terrified of making a YouTube Video of myself. Who is terrified of showing my face to all of these people I want to see me as a Leader. I can be a leader if I never have to show my face.

I still don't know how to overcome THIS part of my difficulties with being successful. THIS is the part holding me back.

Thank you for this recording, for making me at least see it's possible!


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