What's the Lion King Got to Do With Leadership and The Alpha Code  

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Here is a great Starlink Call from August 2006 with Westly Lager.

On it Westly amd I discuss the life and business lessons you can learn from the Disney
Classic The Lion King.

We also discuss Joe Schroeder's book The Alpha Code which is part of the Spellbound Product.


I am beginning to use the Lion King in a leadership development class that I teach. I was looking for a good way to keep the interest of my students while having them learn leadership lessons. I first encountered the idea from a research article that i read.

You know...it's funny...I was on the phone with a client and I just went into a rant about how the lion king is a prime example and fun way to learn about leadership vacuums in life and business.

And all of a sudden a conference call was born.

I have been stunned to see how many hits I have gotten on this post from academic folks doing research.

Kinda neat that a children's move is being studies all across the nation by leadership students.

I love it.

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